At Lily and Lionel, our philosophy hasn’t changed since we launched in 2008: to create treasured pieces that transcend fashion trends; pieces to be cherished and passed down to generations. As a business, to continue to grow in a sustainable way means questioning every decision we make, each time we begin creating a collection. 


We are always exploring and trialling materials that reduce negative environmental and social impacts. These include: 


Organic Lotus Satin


FSC Sustainable Viscose



We make our collection with a number of family-run factories in India, Italy and the UK. We personally visit the factories each year to ensure they meet audit requirements. We’re proud to make our tailoring range in London - as well as reducing our carbon footprint, it also supports the UK textile industry.


Given that £140 million worth of clothing ends up in landfill each year, we have reduced the number of styles in our collections with the view that each piece should be a considered purchase. We’re also proud to be working with Onloan and My Wardrobe HQ, where we offer customers the opportunity to hire - rather than buy - Lily and Lionel garments. We use left-over fabric from our ready-to-wear collection to make hairbands and scrunchies, and donate surplus stock to support the work of the charity Smart Works.

Our pieces are also dyed in a closed system where liquid such as water and dye bath is reused for a more sustainable production process.


Our online order packaging is 100% recyclable and made from recycled paper, while polybags are biodegradable. Tote bags are made from organic cotton and will soon be optional to either have or opt out of receiving at checkout.