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 This Is Mothership is a fashion and beauty destination for busy baby mamas, founded by Samantha Silver and Gemma Rose Breger. Sam is an award-winning beauty journalist and the ex-beauty director at Stylist magazine, while Gemma is one of the most in-demand fashion and celebrity stylists in London. They have nearly two decades of experience between them working on national newspapers, magazines and on television, for brands including Net-a-Porter, Marks & Spencer, The X Factor and Revlon.


How did This Is Mothership come to life?

We had our older kids around the same time and felt like there was no one out there talking to us about how it was OK to still look like your old self, just because you had a baby. In our past life, we worked in similar work circles (Gemma as a fashion and celeb stylist, Sam as the Beauty Director at Stylist Magazine) but had never met each other. We followed each other on Instagram and one night Gemma DM'd Sam to tell her about the idea she had to start a platform for mums who still wanted to keep their cool. She asked Sam if she would like to be involved on the beauty side, but ended the DM with 'If you think this is the weirdest thing, because we've never even met, then feel free to ignore this message!' Sam replied saying she was in and asked if she could come to her house tomorrow to get started. The rest is history, or actually, is Mothership. 


Describe motherhood in three words?

Magical, exhausting and rewarding.


How do you find a balance between working on successful careers and raising your children?

We find it pretty tough, like juggling but all the balls fall on the floor and some roll under the couch and you can't quite grab them!! But there are things that have made it much easier, like routine, childcare and setting ourselves limits.


Three items in your wardrobe you can’t live without?

My vintage Chanel necklace, Vans because they go with everything and a leather jacket. 



Any tips for Mums trying to be practical but not compromise on style?

Get some staples that you LOVE, things that are easy to throw on, don't require dry cleaning or ironing and things that make you feel really good. 


How do you unwind after a busy/stressful day?

 We try to switch off and not have too much screen time, but sometimes, getting stuck in an Insta hole, on a random style icons feed, scrolling back 64 weeks, is all you need to switch off!


Current favourite Netflix show/Podcast/Book?

 Don't judge but Gemma recently got sucked into Selling Sunset and it's wild. I'm just on the hunt for a spare £20 million so I can buy a house in LA. 



Both London girls, can you share any favourite places in the city that you love?

The zoo! We probably are meant to say a cooler answer than that but being outdoors in Regents Park with our kids on a sunny day is a pretty great day.


Leopard or Floral? LEOPARD FOREVER!

Heels or Trainers? Trainers, but with pretty dresses.

Massage or Manicure? Manicure, it lasts longer!

Home or Holiday? Holiday. We both live for holidays and love an adventure.

Work or Play? A little of both, we enjoy our job but as we get older we realise the importance in switching off.

Dine Out or Deliveroo? The Deliveroo driver is on our Christmas gift list.....

Coffee or Cocktails? Coffee and Tea! Anything that helps to keep us awake, we'd probably fall asleep after 1 cocktail.