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Juliette Greenspan is the wonderful Head of PR & Marketing at innovative British design label Tom Dixon; overseeing the brand’s global communications, partnerships and events during their meteoric rise over the past few years. Originally from France, after studying at La Sorbonne in Paris she moved to the UK in 2011. When not travelling on the annual design circuit, she now calls leafy North London home, living with her husband and young son.


What’s a typical working day like at Tom Dixon?

I’m based in our London HQ in King’s Cross but my role is international, so I do travel a lot – mainly Europe and the US where we recently opened a new flagship shop in NYC. But as we are expanding to China, I will also be travelling to Asia more and more often in the coming months. 

My department is responsible for developing and implementing the global PR & Marketing strategy including campaigns such as Milan Design Week, London Design Festival, RHS Chelsea Flower Show etc. The scope, the variety and the cadence of the projects that we must successfully deliver on a yearly basis – from a global collaboration with Swedish behemoth IKEA to the opening of a new Tom Dixon hub in Milan – means 1. we never get bored 2. there is no such a thing as a typical working day at TD. I’ve been working at TD for 6 years…and I still love my job.

The Coal Office restaurant looks divine – we can’t wait to try it. What’s the best thing on the menu in your opinion?

OK this is a VERY difficult question as everything is so ridiculously delicious but my top 3 would be. 1. The Kubalah. You cannot go to Coal Office and not order the Kubalah. It’s a hot, buttery Yemeni brioche that even Giles Coren recently described as ‘to die for’.  2. The Machneyuda’s Polenta, served with asparagus, parmesan, mushroom and truffle.3. The Tahini ice cream and sesame cookies.

You’re welcome.



How would you describe your personal style and do you feel your Parisienne roots influence it?

When I visit my friends and family in France they quite often comment on my style becoming more and more ‘British’ (‘c’est ton nouveau style anglais?!) I guess (I hope?!) what they mean is that I wear bolder, more colourful, more patterned clothes (I used to only wear black…) But here (in London) people always tell me I look so French. So I guess my personal style can only be described as CONFUSED?! 

Three items in your wardrobe you can’t live without? 

1. Black Gazelles but also heels. I wear both every day. 
2. Jeans – Uniqlo does the best high-waist straight jeans on the high-street. 
3. Versatile dresses that I can easily / quickly dress up or dress down depending on the circumstances, mine being mainly defined by the fact that I am a full-time working parent (97%) with a social life (3%). The golden rule is: a dress worth buying is a dress that ticks all three boxes aka the 3 Bs: 

Boardroom – office, meetings.. 
Baby – playground, school run (so has to be comfortable, nothing clingy, too tight..)
Bollinger – parties, weddings, dinners with friends etc.


You travel a lot with work, but what are your travel essentials?

My lenses! I’m blind as a bat.


How do you unwind after a busy/stressful day?

I yell at my husband! (joking). Tesco Finest Crisps and a glass of wine or beer once our kid is in bed ! Very basic.

Current favourite Netflix show/Podcast/Book?

I listen to The Daily every morning on my way to work (hosted by political journalist Michael Barbaro and based on the New York Times' reporting of the day). Each episode lasts 20 mins which is roughly the duration of my commute. 

I also recently binge-listened to The Drop-Out – truly fascinating podcast about the rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes ex-former CEO of Theranos. I don’t really watch TV but I read a lot. At the moment I’m on Serotonine by Michel Houellebecq and Bad Blood by journalist John Carreyrou.


You work in one of London’s coolest new hubs, but can you share any more of the city’s hidden gems that you love?

North London gems: 

The café at Highgate Wood (situated in the centre of the wood) does very decent FRENCH baguettes.
Margot bakery in East Finchley makes the best babka. 
Golders Hill Park café makes the best ice creams. 
(Can you tell my clubbing days are over?!...)

And we have to ask, a must-do in Paris?

Ok, this one is easy. Go to Chez Philou (12 Avenue Richerand in the 10th arrondissement near Canal Saint Martin). Order a Paris Brest and a glass of Champagne. Et voila. 


London or Paris? London. My adoptive home and also where my son was born.

Leopard or Floral? As far as I am concerned, there is NO such a thing as ‘peak leopard’.

Heels or Trainers? Both! Everyday. 

Starter or Dessert? Starter. 

St.Tropez or St. Moritz? St Trop. 

Night In or Night Out? Erm… Night in I’m afraid. 

Coffee or Cocktails? COFFEE.