We are living through a major historical event and I know that, in the not too distant future, we will look back on this utterly bonkers time with a mixture of both joy and sadness. Our founder, Alice, has been trying to stay positive, finding moments of joy throughout this turbulent time, and wanted to see if anyone else was also feeling this way. 

Cue some of the most brilliant journalists and influencers in our community who have all come together to spread some happiness and reveal what’s keeping them happy and sane during this time.


What are your fashion tips for isolation?

Don’t follow any rules. Some days all I feel like wearing is a sweatshirt and some tracksuit bottoms but other days I like to dress up a bit more with a beautiful floral dress. My fail safe is a comfy pair of old jeans and shirt though… you just can’t go wrong. Pop on some gold hoops for your Zoom meetings and your good to go.

What is your favourite discovery of lockdown?

I am completing loving paint by numbers. So therapeutic and takes me back to my childhood. I am also obsessed with ‘Killing Eve’, I know, I am late to the train but it’s just so beautifully shot, incredible acting and the fashion too… so good. Also as a family ‘House of Games’ occupies a lot of our time… dorky but fantastic practice for all these digital quizzes going on!

What will be the most significant long-term benefit to come out of this for the fashion industry?

I think this has really encouraged people to take a step back and consider what is truly important. We can get so caught up in our daily lives and it really is tricky to take moments for reflection and calm. Now more than ever people are appreciating that burst of inspiration to lift their moods so it’s lovely to be able to give people that with Collagerie. I hope the benefit will be that we are better at looking after ourselves both physically and mentally and appreciate the importance of family and friendship that little bit more.