We are living through a major historical event and I know that, in the not too distant future, we will look back on this utterly bonkers time with a mixture of both joy and sadness. Our founder, Alice, has been trying to stay positive, finding moments of joy throughout this turbulent time, and wanted to see if anyone else was also feeling this way. 

Cue some of the most brilliant journalists and influencers in our community who have all come together to spread some happiness and reveal what’s keeping them happy and sane during this time.


What are your fashion tips for isolation?

My no.1 tip is to embrace colour. Wearing colour brings me so much joy and in these uncertain times that’s what we all need right? I've found myself reaching for my pink tie-dye tee shirt again and again and my combo of leopard print socks and Birkenstocks have also made me smile.

What is your favourite discovery of lockdown?

Taking time to enjoy the mundane tasks of my day have been surprisingly satisfying. Pre lockdown the end of the day was a countdown to bedtime, a whirlwind off nursery pick up, then bath and bed for two children. Now with our usual timetable scrapped, the ritual of sitting down every evening for an early dinner with my family is definitely up there with one of my best discoveries of lockdown. I spotted on Instagram TV presenter Laura Jacksons #MakeAMealOfIt idea and have enjoyed taking the time to style up my dinner table, naturally with a big glass of wine in hand! Laying out a linen tablecloth, lighting my pink candles and using our rose gold cutlery that I would usually save for special occasions, are all small little things that have lifted my spirits day after day.

What will be the most significant long-term benefit to come out of this for the fashion industry?

I believe good things will come out of this crisis. With the world being forced to slow down, it’s like we are all being forced to be more present and appreciate what we have. I for one will be doing everything I can to hold onto that mindset.