We are living through a major historical event and I know that, in the not too distant future, we will look back on this utterly bonkers time with a mixture of both joy and sadness. Our founder, Alice, has been trying to stay positive, finding moments of joy throughout this turbulent time, and wanted to see if anyone else was also feeling this way. 

Cue some of the most brilliant journalists and influencers in our community who have all come together to spread some happiness and reveal what’s keeping them happy and sane during this time.


What are your fashion tips for isolation?

I'm two extremes right now - either head-to-toe baggy sweats and hair in a messy bun, or - I'm making more of an effort and enjoying floral summer dresses, sandals, and a little makeup. The latter definitely brightens my mood, but I'm also taking advantage of being able to sit and work at my desk, in total hoodie-comfort!

What is your favourite discovery of lockdown?

Discovering Honor’s talents as sous-chef has had me in fits of giggles most days. She loves helping me spiralize zucchini and carrots, and we also make a mean apple sauce together! That, and having a new garden to discover has been a real blessing.

What will be the most significant long-term benefit to come out of this for the fashion industry?

In fashion, I think we will be much more aware about where fashion comes from and the various roles within the industry. In general I hope we will place more importance on family- spending time with elderly relatives is something we might have overlooked before.