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Packing for a trip, whether for work or vacation, can be a surprisingly stressful endeavour. Do we have enough outfit options? Will we be covered for all weather situations? Do we need more shoes?

Fortunately we have women in our lives that know a thing or two about efficient packing and are on hand to share their expertise, honed after years of travelling the world for work and play.

Travel writer and editor Juliet Kinsman has made a career out of exploring destinations near and far.

“Always pack something that is relaxed but stylish enough so that if you decide to go into that chic boutique or glamorous bar, you won’t feel under-dressed. Black jeans and a washed-silk blazer are ideal.”

And what about those accessories? “As I often carry lots around with me - guidebooks, notebooks, even my laptop - it’s better for my back not to have a shoulder bag. I love my TOMS backpack that I just got in New York.”

For that all important travel outfit, Juliet recommends "a loose-fitting Isabel Marant dress and footless tights with TOMS slip-on shoes! And my Lily and Lionel scarf which is ideal for unpredictable cabin temperatures."

Fashion Director and stylist Arabella Greenhill says “I’ve made a few mistakes in the past when it comes to packing. I would pack a suitcase until it was completely full and then when I arrived, I’d unpack it only to realise that actually nothing goes together.” What a relief to know it’s not just us.

“Now, I’m really organised about it. I lay everything out on the bed in head to toe outfits - even underwear - so I can see if I’m missing something. Whether I’m preparing for a work trip or for holiday, I always make sure everything is completely ready and that it all works together. If I’ve got one white shirt, I know that it will go with a pair of jeans and a smart skirt, so I’m covered for casual and dressy activities.”

For more tips from Arabella, like incorporating print into your wardrobe, watch our interview here.

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