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After a successful career working for fashion houses like Prada and Yves Saint Laurent, London-based Kerri Lipsitz made the decision to switch lanes and establish her own interior design company, Old Brand New {ID}. We sat down with Kerri to talk fashion, fabrics and fool-proof storage ideas. 

What inspired the move from fashion to interior design?

For as long as I can remember I was always obsessed with both interiors and fashion, I loved reading Vogue every month, while at the same time re-decorating my bedroom was a perfect excuse to drag my mother around many wallpaper and fabric showrooms in Chelsea.  Working in the fashion industry was a true dream come true and I loved all the experiences I had - I was involved in the PR side of the industry and I missed designing, drawing and being more creative.  I had never wanted to be a fashion designer, so moving into interiors just felt like a natural progression.

 How did you come up with the name for your company, Old Brand New {ID}?

I really wanted the name of the company to reflect what we stood for rather than just using my name, as many Interior Designers do.  Old Brand New {ID} captures the idea of taking an existing space and turning it into a better version of itself.  I also like the little cheeky pun on ID, most people would read this as a reference to the identity of the space, but it actually stands for Interior Design.

Has working in fashion inspired what you do now? Do you follow interior design trends or do you prefer to go follow your gut on what works with a home?

I was very inspired and influenced by working for such monumental fashion houses.  I have an obsession with good fabrics, I learnt a lot about fabrics working with many different fashion collections and had the privilege of having the designers themselves explaining the importance of the fabrics they had either chosen or developed for each collection.  The weight, drape and feel of a fabric is as important as how it looks, this applies to interiors as much as in fashion.

I always observe the trends filtering through the industry, however I think it is important to respond to a rooms original content and sense of space, as well as the client and their personality.  These factors act as the key starting point from which the designs evolve.

Do you have a favourite room to work on in a house?

I don’t have one particular room that is a favourite space to work on over and above others, I enjoy applying different schemes and ideas to different spaces.  I do adore working on period properties their character and personality is always unique.

 What are your top home-styling tips?

I always work with clients to make the most of bookshelves, fireplaces and table tops, all these spaces can be styled to look well kept and add personality to a space.  Little props and accessories can help make a space appear more organised and styled too, like a large tray on a coffee table or an ottoman to keep magazines, newspapers, or candles.  A little antique or decorative bowl besides your bed is also the perfect little storage space for your jewellery.

We love your use of a mannequin to hold scarves, and a coat rack to hang scarves. Any other insider tricks for keeping accessories organised?

The key to keeping your home tidy is to design a well organised space with a place for everything.  We all have many coats and scarves in the winter months that you want to be able to grab easily on your way out, if you don’t have space for a coat cupboard it’s worth investing in a coat rack in your hallway, go for something a little out there and make it a feature.  Baskets or little miniature decorative suitcases tucked under a console table are good for storing excess accessories like scarves, hats and gloves too.


Follow Kerri for more tips and tricks:

Twitter: @OldBrandNewID

Instagram: @OldBrandNewID

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