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Content Producer Tanya Brennand-Roper, seen here wearing our Lana Navy scarf from the Spring/Summer 2013 collection, is one of those Londoners who knows exactly where it's at. Here's why...

The thing about being a Content Producer for a book publisher is you never really stop. Your job is to create content constantly and it’s got to be different to the rest of them! You've got to beat other producers to the punch.

It's a creative job so no 9-5 for me. I'm all too familiar with this process as a graduate from Central Saint Martins and as an ever faithful pilgrim of good design and bad design I try to champion new ideas and fresh techniques to create cool content and get the best out of my authors. It's immediate and never ends so lastly has to be pushed out on time of book publication.

There's never a time where I don't stop. My mornings start rather leisurely at about 8 o'clock where I start the day by listening to The Today program on Radio 4 to get my fill before the silliness and fun starts on my literature podcast show -'BookD'. (It's just not the working week without John Humphries booming in my ears!)

My offices are in Hammersmith (HarperCollins Publishers) - I'm lucky enough to get to work alongside some fabulous authors who all have something different for me to work on.

It's one of the real treats about getting to go to work everyday. One day I could be dealing with the literary greats like Hilary Mantel (Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies) to the story of a War Horse and his next hotly awaited title by Childrens author Michael Morpurgo. I also have a great joy in building relationships with these people and ultimately earning their trust to give them the best content possible of their books, their marketing and their brands. David Walliams is a great example of this who has been a wonderful author to work with especially when it comes to reading his books in the studio! Hours of fun!

Clockwise from top left: Tanya with Terence Stamp; David Walliams; Ollie Locke; Jot Davies

I also get to interview these people for a show I've been writing, producing and presenting over the last 3 years which you can subscribe to as a podcast for free on iTunes. It's called BookD and claims to be somewhat of a literary show, but really there's the focus on an author, an actor perhaps or big wig in the publishing world who talks about their career. Amongst a smattering of parodies (author Simon Toyne's hip hop classic introduction 'Me Myself and Si' as opposed to that De la Soul classic), to guest hosts such as my fiction editor Emad Ahktar, it all somehow comes together, making a half hourly podcast program which can also now be listened to on British Airways in the flight entertainment for 'Literary Pick of the Podcasts' - exciting stuff!

Recent interviews on the show have been with (you may have heard of a little film which stormed our cinemas - Les Mis star Eddie Redmayne talks about his week with Marilyn (it was recorded just before the beautiful, freckled face London lad hit Hollywood for good - swoon!)

And from young Hollywood to 60s fashion and film - Icon Terence Stamp is the most recent of my collaborations where he talks to me about 'Stuck' - his delectable reading for the audio and ebook  version of the picture book by artist Oliver Jeffers and what the 60s meant to him and how spirituality from his years spent at an Indian Ashram informs his life.

As I like to tweet, BookD is your little culture boost for the day and everyone loves a little bit of CUL-CHA right?

I work between my offices in Hammersmith at a desk which has become more of a home but also like to shake things up by causing havoc in various recording studios around town. I'm also partial to editing my interviews in a nice cafe somewhere near home or indeed sometimes in own my home/kitchen/office. I like to surround myself with beautiful things and this includes my ridiculous obsession for flowers and foliage. I also love to light my Figuira Diptique candle and drink from the beautiful matt black tin that is Mariage Frères tea - Rouge Sahara (again made with flowers!) since quitting smoking - my favourite thing! (it's now tea and flowers all the way). Favourite hang outs after a recording session are Gail's or the famous Jacks in Queens Park as well as the best bar in town, Cerviche of Soho. There's simply nothing better after working with an author than taking them for a Pisquo sour in the heart of London's CUL-CHA district because as I said before we all love a little bit of that.

Follow Tanya's adventures on Twitter: @BookDPodcast

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