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Fashion United sat down with Alice to find out what makes her tick...


Print...Sylvia Cherry Blossom

“My favorite scarf is from our Spring/Summer collection and named after a really good friend of mine, Sylvia. When you unfold the scarf you see the complete design, which looks a bit like a blurry photograph. It features two beautiful flamingos facing each other, that look almost like a heart when the scarf is open surrounded by cherry blossoms. With all the charcoal and pink tones in it, it looks nice with almost everything. This scarf means a lot to me because it reminds me of my friend.”

Holiday destination...Ibiza

 “I love it there. It is just so close by, but it has so many different facets for such a small island. Whether you want to relax in the sun or want to spend a weekend clubbing, there is so much to do. In fact, we are shooting our look-book there this June. I am also going there again in August, but for vacation this time. I try to go to Ibiza at least once or twice a year. There is this amazing little boutique there, called Revolver, that sells our scarves. Another boutique I like to visit while I am there is Mayurka. There's also this fun hippie market there, which is perfect for looking for unique items and picking up pretty, floaty summery dresses.”

Home fragrance…Rachel Vosper  

“I love scented candles, especially ones from Rachel Vosper. They have a boutique in Belgravia, London that I like to visit. I tend to keep an eye out for scented candles for my house.”

Wardrobe staple…White T-shirts  

“I love wearing chunky statement jewelery pieces with a simple white T-shirt. I have a lot of white shirts from James Perse, but I tend to pick them up as I travel along. I always find great linen T-shirts in small niche boutiques that don't have any name. Last time I was in South Korea, I picked up a couple of white T-shirts in an amazing store. They also look great with scarves as well, under a sweater or a jacket.”


Health fix…Honestly Healthy

“My employees usually find me in the morning drinking a strange coloured, green smoothie. My friend wrote a recipe book, Honestly Healthy for Life, which is filled with vegetarian recipes that I love and try to make a few times a week. Slowly I am converting my boyfriend. Honestly Healthy also offers a fridge fill food delivery, which contains breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and snacks for six days. The meals are really filling and nutritious and fresh, you first get three days delivered and then the second three. I order them every so often and it great when you are too busy to cook, during fashion weeks or trade events for example.”

Evening look… Little Black Dress  

“During my last trip to New York I bought this beautiful black dress, really classic, from a boutique called 'Wink' in Soho. It is strapless, structured and beautifully cut, knee-length with a little dip in back to make it very demure. I am attending a friend's wedding in the countryside next weekend and this dress is perfect for the occasion.”

Designer…Matthew Williamson  

“One of my favorite designers is Matthew Williamson. Some of my favorite go-to evening dresses are from the label. His designs tend to feel understated, in an almost thrown together style which I like, since I would say my own style is paired down and casual. Sometimes it is a little bit smart, with a pop of color and some good solid accessories.”

Possession…My Topaz Ring  

“On each hand I wear a ring from each of my grandmothers. On my left hand I wear a golden clock ring from my grandmother Lily. Although it doesn't work anymore, I always wear it because it reminds me of her. On my right hand I wear a Topaz ring that used to be from my late grandmother Frances. I feel naked without them on. I also have a pair of golden ballet slippers on a chain that I tend to wear a lot. It was a birthday present from my parents, so there is a lot of sentiment and memories attached to it.”

Bag…Alexander Wang: Rocco Bag  

“My girlfriends bought me a beautiful Alexander Wang Rocco bag for my birthday, which has become my favorite handbag. I also really like vintage Chanel handbags and I have a lovely Balenciaga bag that I've for a while now, that I still use a lot.”


Words courtesy of Fashion United.

Read the full interview here.

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