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Why put up with our British non-summer, when you can jet off to Miami? Our designer Olivia gave us serious holiday envy with her recent jaunt to Florida. Here she shares her Insta-diary. Turns out the entire state is built for a perfect-looking Instagram feed...

This magical flower bed reminded me of The Wizard of Oz! We love creating a floral print at Lily and Lionel, so all the colours and species were so inspiring.

So Miami is insanely hot. At times like that, the only thing to do is wear swimwear constantly. This is my stylin' my Celeste Tank One Piece with denim cutoffs for a walk down to Ocean Drive (snaps if you stopped yourself humming the classic 1996 jam by Lighthouse Family there).

We booked an Airbnb in the IconBrickell in downtown Miami. The interior design has been done by the legendary Philipe Starck so the entire building is full of mad tiling and insane chandeliers (even in the mail room). The spa was divine and the perfect way to beat the heat for a day.

This is us kayaking out to that island in the distance. It was made up of mangroves that we explored. The wildlife in Florida is so amazing and varied. Thankfully no giant crocodiles, just lots of jellyfish.

Our last Airbnb of the holiday took the prize. With our own private beach on a private bay, this was our view of an evening. Never underestimate the power of beautiful sunset. It does wonders for the soul.

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