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If paradise has a name, its name is Song Saa. A private island off the coast of Cambodia, I had the extraordinary opportunity to stay there for my honeymoon. I don't spend all that much time on private islands (i.e. never) so granted, I have no point of comparison, but I have travelled a fair bit and can say there is no where in the world like Song Saa.

We spent one glorious week on the island, spending our days basking in the warmth (both meteorological and emotional) as we relaxed and explored. Getting to know the people who run the resort was an experience in itself and a total pleasure. Sophie, Song Saa's Marine Conservationist, took us on a tour of the village and we were blown away by all the work Song Saa Foundation does for the locals, including the preservation of marine life through ethically sound fishing and funding the education system through paying for teaching and learning materials. The kids in the village are amazing and it was such a powerful experience going to see how much has changed as a result of the team's incredible and tireless work.

The rest of our time was spent snorkelling, reading and just generally living the island life. We decided to do the 'Picnic on the 5 Mile Beach' which was incredible. Travelling by speedboat to picture-perfect, untouched white sand, the team had set up a beautiful picnic for us. It was probably the best day of our lives!

Song Saa is dotted with what they call 'little sanctuaries' across the island, little pockets immersed in the local nature where you have spa and wellness treatments (read our feature about Margaret Ulrich, who runs the spa, here - she's wonderful). The massage I had was insanely good and truly unique. The therapist was amazing and decided she wanted to braid my hair afterwards! I felt truly looked after and was even inspired to go on a fab massage teaching course for an hour which was one of the events being hosted.

The food was an experience of multiple flavours and beautiful presentation. Super fresh and made from locally sourced ingredients, highlights included The Sushi Platter and the tasting menus, one of which was a presentation of various curries from all over the world.

Not to mention the location of the dinner each night - it was always somewhere different, such as in the swimming pool (literally in the swimming pool, feet in the water and everything!), on the beach and on private decks. Everything was done incredibly privately, so you always felt like the only people in the resort - we barely saw a soul the whole time we were there!

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